The Importance of Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing isn’t just the latest fad, it truly is “the next big thing” and while a proportion of businesses are starting to take their mobile marketing seriously, it is a model still in its infancy. It is estimated that by 2013, there will be more people accessing the internet via their mobile phones than desktop computers. That means the more people are used to shopping, seeking information, accessing social media, the more they’ll be open to accepting your marketing message. There are many ways any business can utilize the power of mobile marketing, such as SMS and Bluetooth marketing.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from sending SMS texts to prospects and current customers. By adding your SMS shortcode to all advertising media, such as flyers, business cards, your website, table tents, etc. you can entice people to opt in to receive a discount or coupon thus building a list of customers you can target future messages over and over again for future business.

There are thousands of Android and iPhone Apps that can help you get your message out to an almost unlimited amount of prospects. You can have your own Apps created or advertise through companies like Foursquare. If you consider the number of Apple iPhone and Google Android users and handsets, both of these companies can communicate to their millions of customers instantly. Mobile advertising agencies are also springing up with platforms that provide indepth statistical data and ingenious models to help you get the most out of your advertising dollar.

QR codes and mobile websites are also making great leaps in allowing even one-person businesses to expand their reach to local, national, even global levels. Most people these days cannot live without their mobile phones. They spend more time texting, updating their Facebook profile, Tweeting, etc. than they do talking. Using mobile marketing to build up your client base, strengthen your brand, and rewarding loyalty is the future of mobile marketing.

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