Important Reasons To Use Mobile Marketing


Do you realize the power and increasing popularity of mobile marketing and how it can positively impact your bottom line? If not, don’t worry. Many folks are just now starting to understand how effective mobile marketing can be. In fact, many folks still don’t truly realize the power of mobile marketing. This article will attempt to highlight the many reasons to use mobile marketing.

Connect With More Customers Locally As Well As Globally

The fact is, within a year or so, more people will be using their mobiles to access the internet than those using their desktop or laptop computers. This means folks will be searching for your business, buying your products, hiring your services all from their smart phones! For many businesses, this will help them grow and expand their companies beyond the limitations of just desktop internet. Emerging economies, such as some African countries often ONLY have internet from their mobile phones. Being able to expose your business to a global market will allow you to expand at a much faster pace than if mobile marketing didn’t exist.

Mobile Marketing Is Cost Effective

If you consider traditional marketing avenues such as newspapers, radio advertisements, direct response mailers, the costs can quickly add up. In fact, older methods of advertising can be quite expensive and if you’re a small to medium sized business, such methods may not be affordable. With SMS text marketing, for example, you can promote your SMS shortcodes on flyers, business cards, etc. offering your prospects a “gift” if they text in your shortcode, and now you can contact these folks by sending them a text message any time you like offering them more discounts in exchange for their custom.

Excellent ROI

Another fantastic beneift of SMS text marketing is the fact you can track your campaigns in real-time allowing you to make any adjustments (if necessary) to further improve your ROI. By analyzing the response of your customers, you can fine tune your campaigns allowing you more control in the growth of your business.

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