Helping Small Business With Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is a fantastic method of communicating with your current and potential customers via their mobile phones and tablets. A few ways to communicate to your prospects via mobile marketing include SMS text marketing, encouraging prospects to visit your mobile website where you can ask them to opt in to your offers, or simply to optimize your website with a mobile version and ranking in the search engines.

With the advent of today’s technology, it is now possible to view regular desktop websites on a smart phone. However, many problems arise when one doesn’t have a mobile-optimized website. Firstly, desktop websites often have large pages full of images, text, etc. which can make it hard for your visitor to navigate to the more important information such as your opening hours, your contact number, and so on. A mobile website is meant to load up quickly and mostly show just the most important information, especially if your visitor has limited access to the internet or can only download so many megabytes before getting charged expensive fees. So, having a highly optimized mobile website means your customers can find the information they need quickly and not hit the back button because your site loads too slowly.

SMS marketing, on the other hand, is also a terrific way to build loyalty, gain new customers, and drive business almost on demand. By offering a shortcode, for example a 5 digit or character phrase such as SALON, when your prospect sends you a text with your chosen shortcode, they’ll be added to your list of customers. Now, whenever you want to drive more people to your business, you can send a text message offering, for example, a discount on a product or service, if the person receiving the text acts on your conditions…such as “get 10% your next hair cut if you come in before Friday”. Your customers will appreciate the discount and you’ll be able to get more people through your door simply by sending one text to all those on your contact list. Everyone checks their text messages so you know your message won’t be ignored.

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