Different Ways To Benefit From Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is a great way for businesses of all sizes to promote and sell their products and services to those who access the internet via their mobile phones. However, one must carefully think about which type of service they want to use to promote their business. Later in this article we’ll describe a few basic, yet effective, strategies you may want to consider when implementing your mobile marketing goals. It’s a good idea to conider all strategies below however, that will depend on your particular marketing plan.

One of the most effective ways to increase sales and remain in the minds of your customers and prospects is by using SMS marketing. By adding your mobile number, mobile website, or even an SMS shortcode, to your print media you can greatly increase the chances of new and repeat business. For example, you can add your mobile number and mobile website URL to your business cards. Another great technique is to add a shortcode to flyers offering new and old customers the ability to receive a discount if they take action. Let’s say you own a pizza restaurant. You could include a flyer with each delivery asking your customers to type in your SMS shortcode and once you have these customers “opt in” to your SMS list, you can send them texts during the week offering them a discount if they order a pizza on any given day that you choose.

It’s a great idea to take advantage of today’s technology where you can easily create, or pay a web designer to create, a mobile website. The reason you want to consider a mobile website is to provide your visitors an optimized web experience that caters to smart phone and tablet screen sizes. It is estimated that within the next year or two, more people around the world will be accessing the internet on their mobile phones, surpassing the number of desktop computer internet users. So, the question remains, are you ready to take advantage of the next wave in marketing?

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